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Infovision21 Inc.
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"Global InfoVision (GIV) is a trusted partner for government agencies at all levels, with a proven track record of delivering innovative IT solutions that streamline operations, enhance citizen services, and ensure data security. Our deep understanding of the public sector's unique challenges allows us to craft customized solutions that address your specific needs and drive measurable results."

Key Areas of Expertise

1. Health & Human Services

We offer solutions for Eligibility & Enrollment, Medicaid Management, Child Welfare, and Child Support, ensuring efficient program administration and improved service delivery.

2. Social Services

Modernize your social service programs with our intuitive platforms that facilitate skills training, manage resources, and empower citizens to achieve self-sufficiency.

3. Citizen Engagement

Enhance citizen experiences with secure web and mobile solutions for online applications, streamlined workflows, and improved communication channels.

Our Government Solutions

Integrated Eligibility & Enrollmen

Our configurable platform automates eligibility determination, integrates seamlessly with existing systems, and supports efficient case management.

Modernized Legacy Systems

Breathe new life into outdated MMIS systems with our modernization solutions, offering improved functionality, self-service capabilities, and data-driven decision making.

Child Welfare & Child Support Systems

Ensure comprehensive case management and efficient service delivery with our robust Child Welfare Information and Child Support Management Systems.

Digital Citizen Services

Empower citizens with easy-to-use online portals for benefit applications, program enrollment, and secure communication with government agencies.

Benefits of Partnering with GIV

Deep Domain Expertise

We understand the complexities of the public sector and the evolving needs of government agencies.

Proven Solutions

Our track record of successful implementations ensures you receive reliable and effective IT solutions.

Focus on Security

Data security is paramount. We prioritize robust security measures to protect sensitive citizen data.

Scalable Solutions

Our solutions are designed to adapt and grow alongside your agency's needs and future requirements.

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