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Litigation Support

"Empowering Legal Professionals and Corporates via effective Information Management"

"Efficient information access is critical for legal teams during legal proceedings. Global InfoVision's customized Litigation Support Services streamline processes, control costs, and ensure accuracy. Leveraging advanced technology combined with dedicated experts, our services empower legal teams via tailored solutions and enable them to gain a competitive edge."

Our Expertise

Logical Document Determination

Our Unitization (LDD) service meticulously examines files to identify relevant metadata. Skilled professionals follow your exact instructions, ensuring images are accurately grouped, and our proprietary app verifies file integrity for a reliable database.
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Indexing / Coding

Global InfoVision empowers legal teams with laser-focused document management. Our Indexing and Coding Services transform disorganized files into a searchable database, saving time and simplifying collaboration. We meticulously review each page, defining document boundaries and extracting key details. This meticulous approach ensures information retrieval is swift and effortless, allowing legal professionals to navigate even the most complex cases with ease.
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Subjective / Objective Coding

Our subjective and Objective Coding Services extract relevant data from documents, creating concise summaries that save valuable time for clients seeking specific information. Our established processes ensure accuracy and speed, providing a competitive edge in time-sensitive legal matters.
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Electronic Data Discovery (EDD)

Our Electronic Discovery Team assists clients in accessing and organizing electronic files, processing and analyzing machine-readable files, e-mail collections, and legacy data from various sources. This comprehensive approach enhances information management and informed decision-making, enabling legal teams to build robust cases.
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Ancillary Services

• Data extraction Services
• PDF Data Conversion Services
• Word & Spreadsheet Formatting Services
• Forms Processing Services
• Data Entry Services
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Quality and Reliability

Stringent quality control processes ensure accurate data handling. Dedicated quality assurance team delivers error-free, reliable services.

Strict confidentiality and data security practices, along with secure access controls and audit trails, ensure compliance with industry regulations.
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